Neil Patrick Harris, the Benefit of Older Parents



Neil’s parents were both born in 1946 and brought Neil into the world in 1973. Unless my math skills are failing me right now that equates to his parents both being around the age of thirty-three when Neil made them the parents of two boys.

The benefits of having parents that were not super young have to be part of what has greatly affected Neil Patrick Harris in his life. Plus, having an older brother to look up to in some ways always helps too.

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Neil the Magician



Neal Patrick Harris has been in love with magic sense he was a small child. Learning tricks and comedy to go along with tricks is one of the many things he is really very talented at. To become this good at magic the learning and retaining of how things work in the magic world must have started very young.


Honestly acting is probably second in line of things Mr. Harris likes to do as far as entertaining and ‘work’ but we all know the world of acting is much more supported then that of magic as far as being profitable. Somehow Neil always gets a little magic into everything he does.

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Sexuality During Doogie Howser



Neil Patrick Harris has been reported as saying to having the first feelings of being gay at the age of 13. The report said that Neil told his mother he feared he was gay. His mother’s response was reassuring saying his parents would love him no matter what he was, but it might be just a phase of feelings that would pass.


During the filming of Doogie Howser Neil says his sexual orientation was never reviled because no one knew what the truth was, not even himself.

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Neil Patrick Harris: The Beginning of Television Stardom

Doogie Howser

We know Neil Patrick Harris for many reasons; but if you have been following him for a while now, the first thing that will pop into your head when you hear that name will be ‘Doogie Howser’.

Somewhere between the age of sixteen and, seventeen Neil Patrick Harris was cast in the role that would catapult his acting career into a high energy ball of success. Being cast as the seventeen-year-old boy wonder who was an extremely young doctor made Neil a star from the get-go!

When watching the first episode of this show the talent already is oozing out of the young Harris. This episode hits on the tough subject of racism and while it does say some derogatory terms which are not acceptable at all now.

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Neil Patrick Harris


Anyone who has watched movies or television shows in the past 20 years knows who Neil Patrick Harris is.  A talented actor is an understatement for this man.  Not only can he work in film and television productions but Mr. Harris is also a great musician.  Where in the world could such an amazing entertainer come from, if not created in some Hollywood laboratory to be the model-actor for all others to follow?  The Land of Enchantment is where this amazing spectacle was born and raised.

New Mexico has recently become the hottest place to film and produce movies and television shows because of a state incentive to production companies.  We will not bore you with the details, but they are out there if you must know.  Long before this plan was put into place though many talented actors were the fruit of this wonderful state. If not the fruit of the state many very smart actors found a safe haven in majestic state of New Mexico to make their home away from the busy world of ‘The Industry’.

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Hi, my name is Jena and I grew up watching Neil Patrick Harris.  I have such a love for this man I decided I was going to blog about him.  His life, his passions and where we might find him next.

I would consider myself one of his biggest fans!  Please bare with me as I get this site up and running. I am looking forward to sharing everything NPH.