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Anyone who has watched movies or television shows in the past 20 years knows who Neil Patrick Harris is.  A talented actor is an understatement for this man.  Not only can he work in film and television productions but Mr. Harris is also a great musician.  Where in the world could such an amazing entertainer come from, if not created in some Hollywood laboratory to be the model-actor for all others to follow?  The Land of Enchantment is where this amazing spectacle was born and raised.

New Mexico has recently become the hottest place to film and produce movies and television shows because of a state incentive to production companies.  We will not bore you with the details, but they are out there if you must know.  Long before this plan was put into place though many talented actors were the fruit of this wonderful state. If not the fruit of the state many very smart actors found a safe haven in majestic state of New Mexico to make their home away from the busy world of ‘The Industry’.

Neil was born in the state capital New Mexico, Albuquerque to a couple with one other son. They lived in the beautiful town of Ruidoso. If you have never been to New Mexico and want to know the top three places you must visit while in this state, Ruidoso is one of them!

Ruidoso has all the key factors of New Mexico that you need.  Great history, authentic food, majestic scenery, and the atmosphere you can only find in New Mexico. With the added bonus of fresh mountain air, what better place could the universe have picked for Neil Patrick Harris to be raised?

Speaking of being raised, let us discuss his parents for a short moment.  With two lawyers as parents plus entrepreneurs who owned their own restaurant it is no doubt Neil has a strong sense of hard work, determination, and standing up for what he believes in (plus the skills to argue those points if need be!) So to review so far, great place to be raised in, and strong parents to boot.

Neil graduated high school in 1991 in Albuquerque New Mexico, which is one of the top three places to visit in New Mexico by the way, where he graduated with honors. Setting the stage, if you will, for the many awards he will later receive in his life time for doing all the things he is great at to the fullest of his ability.

NPH was discovered at an acting camp in Las Cruses New Mexico as a child actor.  His first film was in 1988 in a film starring Whoopi Goldberg.  What a great way to start out right?  That same year he went on to star in Purple People Eater.  At the age of sixteen and with only being in one previous film, he already was the star.

There is a gap from 1988 to 1995 in the major motion pictures for Neil as he worked mainly on television shows and made for TV movies.  Then in 1995 he made his way back onto the big screen.

Having what appears to be a pretty good life in New Mexico with successful parents might seem ideal but this might not be the case.  No one really knows what another person goes through, even if they are walking right next to them all through life.  The perspective we each have is slightly different all the way to drastically different depending on attitude and willingness to accept your circumstances and make the most out of what you have been dealt.  In some cases, this might be the little good you have in life and turning it into a little more good to pass on to someone else.  Or if you are blessed with a lot of good in your life you can choose to squander it or you can choose to apply that good and make even more to spread around.  I think it is safe to say that

I think it is safe to say that whether Neil Patrick Harris was dealt very little good in his childhood life or an over-abundance of good from his childhood he has done a fantastic job of multiplying it and sharing it with us all through his amazing acting and musical skills.  Bravo Neil Patrick Harris, Bravo.

We certainly look forward to what you have in store for our entertainment enjoyment in the future!

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