Neil Patrick Harris: The Beginning of Television Stardom

Doogie Howser

We know Neil Patrick Harris for many reasons; but if you have been following him for a while now, the first thing that will pop into your head when you hear that name will be ‘Doogie Howser’.

Somewhere between the age of sixteen and, seventeen Neil Patrick Harris was cast in the role that would catapult his acting career into a high energy ball of success. Being cast as the seventeen-year-old boy wonder who was an extremely young doctor made Neil a star from the get-go!

When watching the first episode of this show the talent already is oozing out of the young Harris. This episode hits on the tough subject of racism and while it does say some derogatory terms which are not acceptable at all now.

One of the bottom lines of this season one episode one show is that even though you might feel people are treating you differently because of one of your personal features, you might actually be hindering yourself by putting those stipulations in your own mind. Another point that must be recognized from this episode is that while some of our circumstances might be stumbling blocks for us right now, they might not always be, however, there are traits and features we all have that we cannot change no matter what we do, so we must all show grace to others who might be treated a certain way because of one of these unchangeable features. We need to recognize these times and not be a part of the problem, but rather set ourselves apart to be part of the answer.

For being the first episode of a series I was quite shocked to see such a tough subject being spotlight of the episode. The writers did a great job of expressing the points they wanted to get across, but the actors, especially Neil Patrick Harris, depicted the roles set before them perfectly.

With Neil being such a young actor it is very impressive that he would choose to take on such a role that is going to touch on such major issues. It definitely is not a fluff show that follows the normal patterns of other shows in the same time era. Although now in 2016 this is not a ‘current’ show, I very much look forward to following through with all ninety-seven episodes and seeing what all topics they choose to touch on.

Coming from a highly intelligent family I am sure that Neil Patrick Harris reserved the right to have a say in what topics he would touch on Doogie Howser and which ones he would not. Both of his parents being lawyers I am sure there were very specific things written into the contract giving Neil a fair say in what he would and would not do while acting for the show.

The struggle ‘Doogie’ faces as to whether or not he believes his new friend stole or didn’t steal really weighs on ‘Doogie’ He knows what he SHOULD be thinking, but being the child genius that he is, knows that he should really explore his own emotions to find out if he really does feel the way he is supposed to or if he is just fronting the feelings. Then when a patient comes in with similar attributes as his friend who was accused of stealing Doogie gives all that he has to save the patience’s life. When he can’t save him he is honestly upset. The new friend witnesses that Doogie really isn’t judging off of color and both Doogie and the friend realize that he did not have second guesses about the robbery because of the friend’s skin color but because of the friends past actions.

This was understandable and not nearly as hurtful as if he had assumed the friend robbed because of his ethnicity. The friend realized this from watching Doogie fight so hard to save a gang member when he could have given up knowing the patient’s life style, but didn’t.

I appreciate Neil Patrick Harris’s boldness at such a young age to tackle such a hard topic, maybe Doogie Howser should be re-broadcasted and teach us all a few lessons.

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