Sexuality During Doogie Howser



Neil Patrick Harris has been reported as saying to having the first feelings of being gay at the age of 13. The report said that Neil told his mother he feared he was gay. His mother’s response was reassuring saying his parents would love him no matter what he was, but it might be just a phase of feelings that would pass.


During the filming of Doogie Howser Neil says his sexual orientation was never reviled because no one knew what the truth was, not even himself.

The topic of people being gay, lesbian, or bisexual was discussed on the set of Doogie Howser as they pushed the envelope bringing things to into the light of the public in a respectable way with a slice of comedy allowing people to laugh at their own thoughts, fears, concerns and other emotions they might have towards this rapidly growing topic. Little did everyone know that the star of the show himself would grow up to be one of the most successful gay men in the acting community.


After the filming of Doogie Howser ended in 1996 Neil Patrick Harris was reported to be bisexual, which he said was a half-truth. It was not till the moment on set of another filming when a scene closed and Neil’s co-star Burt Reynolds leaned over planting a big ol’ kiss on Neil’s lips, that Neil knew without a doubt that he was in fact gay.


The struggle of being gay was not nearly over once he had that life changing moment with Burt. Neil was not interested in a life of random hook ups, although he had a few, and a couple of experiments with drugs during this time of exploration, rather Neil Patrick Harris wanted a normal life with the one man he loved.

Neil has achieved that dream and is happily married to a great man. They also have twin children, one boy and one girl. They make a very lovely strong family who seem to be doing things right.

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