Neil the Magician



Neal Patrick Harris has been in love with magic sense he was a small child. Learning tricks and comedy to go along with tricks is one of the many things he is really very talented at. To become this good at magic the learning and retaining of how things work in the magic world must have started very young.


Honestly acting is probably second in line of things Mr. Harris likes to do as far as entertaining and ‘work’ but we all know the world of acting is much more supported then that of magic as far as being profitable. Somehow Neil always gets a little magic into everything he does.

It is no doubt this man is an entertainer through and through, I can only imagine him practicing his lines for Doogie Howser as a teen and when he needed a break turning to his hobby of magic to practice tricks and such to show to his next willing audience.


He must have been so fun to have around on the set of Doogie Howser preforming magic on set and showing his costars all the latest and greatest he had worked up for them in his magic routine.


His parents probably thought the magic was just a passing phase, but not for Neil, he had a huge love for the performance of magic and even now as an adult in his home where he lives with his husband and twin children, he has a whole room dedicated to magic. An office of magic if you will, decorated and filled with memorabilia of different magicians and things collected along the life path Neil has been on.


I can see the draw he might have to magic. If you can perform a trick and then watch as the people in your audience, small or large, have that moment of confusion then amazement, that is something worth working for. The sheer joy of other people’s reactions to the magic would be a wonderful thing to watch. To be on the other side of the curtain.


Not only does he love to preform magic but to watch others do the same must be amazing. Either he knows how to do the trick or he himself is stumped by the illusions put before him. Either way there is a great mind working at all times while he watches tricks and stunts to know just how exactly it works. Like an engineer works to figure out how a machine needs to function so does a magician’s mind work to know just how a trick must work to be done correctly and safely.


Sense Doogie Howser Neil Patrick Harris has done magic several times on the popular day time show Ellen. Neil has performed for Oprah; this is where you can catch a glimpse of his room filled with magic items. He even had a magic trick on another popular television show ‘How I Met Your Mother’.


It doesn’t matter if Neil Patrick Harris is acting or performing magic his banter and humor never disappoint.

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