Raising NPH

Neil’s parents were both born in 1946 and brought Neil into the world in 1973. Unless my math skills are failing me right now that equates to his parents both being around the age of thirty-three when Neil made them the parents of two boys.

The benefits of having parents that were not super young have to be part of what has greatly affected Neil Patrick Harris in his life. Plus, having an older brother to look up to in some ways always helps too.

To have parents who have completed some of their life goals and who have a strong grasp on what they want in life gave the Harris boys the advantage of not having children raising children. Their parents were both lawyers, so obviously well educated, and they owned a restaurant. The ownership of the restaurant only leads me to believe they had worked hard to achieve their dreams and passions of being business owners and parents. Now forgive me if I am wrong here, these are all just guesses at what actually was going on with this family.

Growing up in New Mexico myself I know how important food is to the culture. It is a staple part that is not easily over looked. Spending much of my time in the Albuquerque and Ruidoso area of New Mexico with my father who happened to be a HUGE fan of good food, I cannot help but wonder if we ever ate in the restaurant! Chances are we did, my parents were always on the hunt for a new food experience!

It also has crossed my mind what the busy schedule of this family looked like in Neil’s teenage years while he was filming Doogie Howser. He did graduate from high school in Albuquerque so I am left to assume, once again, that he would film and complete homework while away at the studio, then return to school when not filming. This might have become difficult once the show picked up in ratings. Imagine being a teenage actor playing a crazy smart doctor on television, and then attempting to go to A.P. anatomy with your regular every day classmates. Might have been a little awkward don’t you think?

Obviously, his parents did a fantastic job of getting him to the studio and making sure he was as much of a normal teenager as he could be. I really do not think that young parents would have been able to nurture a budding actor this well. I fear that if Mr. and Mrs. Harris would not have had the years before Neil was born to themselves they might not have given NPH the opportunities to explore his dreams and hobbies because they would of still have been chasing their own dreams with their children along for the ride. So thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Harris, for doing such a great job raising your sons..

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