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Neil Patrick Harris On Stage


After his four-season run as the star of ‘Doogie Howser’, a teenage doctor, Neil Patrick Harris did a few small acting jobs but never seemed to find that big role fit like he did on Doogie Howser. However, he did go back to his acting roots that began in grade school where he played Toto in The Wizard of Oz in a school production, on stage.
Neil Patrick graced the stage with his acting presence in many productions including ‘Rent’, ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’, and ‘Cabaret’.

Neil’s stage presence is where he really shines. Being able to act and sing and really own the character in the continuous moment of stage acting shows just how brilliant of an actor this man is.

There are a couple of types of actors. Some get a script read it over, memorize lines for one section of filming and get to do that one scene till it is perfect, then move on to the next. That is the beauty of film. To be a stage actor, you must have everything memorized. Every word spoken, every note sung, every step on stage, every interaction with the audience and your fellow actors on stage. It must be seamless.

Although you are repeating the same thing performance after performance each time is a new experience for someone in the room. Maybe someone’s first time to see live acting. Perhaps a first date. Or an anniversary date. The way the audience responds to the performance can drastically effect the musical too. Every detail plays in.

Neil Patrick Harris has been training to be an onstage actor, specifically musical since he was very young. Thank goodness his parents saw the light in his eye when he was able to perform! What would this world be like without Neil Patrick Harris sharing his talents with us all on stage and television, and film?

My friend who owns a tree trimming company grew up watching Doogie Howser and because of that show, he has become one of the biggest fans of Neil Patrick Harris.


Sexuality During Doogie Howser



Neil Patrick Harris has been reported as saying to having the first feelings of being gay at the age of 13. The report said that Neil told his mother he feared he was gay. His mother’s response was reassuring saying his parents would love him no matter what he was, but it might be just a phase of feelings that would pass.


During the filming of Doogie Howser Neil says his sexual orientation was never reviled because no one knew what the truth was, not even himself.

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Welcome to my Blog!

Hi, my name is Jena and I grew up watching Neil Patrick Harris.  I have such a love for this man I decided I was going to blog about him.  His life, his passions and where we might find him next.

I would consider myself one of his biggest fans!  Please bare with me as I get this site up and running. I am looking forward to sharing everything NPH.