Betty White? And Neil Patrick Harris? Kiss On National Television
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It is every gay man’s dream to kiss a Golden Girl. You might not believe this, but trust me, it’s true. Neil Patrick Harris was the lucky duck that got to kiss the last living Golden Girl on Live With Kelly! (Yea, Regis left, remember?)

Betty White was the guest on Live With Kelly! and Neil Patrick was the guest co-host that day. It seems as if Kelly instigated the kiss by saying that on the previous day’s show Neil expressed interest in making out with the comedy icon. Ms. White said she thought her and Neil already locked lips at one point but blamed old age for not being able to remember. Neil explained that people would ask his character Barney, from How I Met Your Mother?, who he’d like to make out with and his answer was always Betty White. Was it really Barney that wanted Betty or was it Neil? Gays love The Golden Girls?. Again, just sayin’…

Towards the end of the interview Neil Patrick asked for a kiss on the cheek from Betty and without thinking twice she went in for some lovin’. Little did she know Neil had a magic trick up his sleeve (this would be funny if you realize that he does magic as a hobby) and decided to turn his face just in time to meet her lips. Doogie Howser? made out with Rose Nyland! Amazing! Well, as I like to look it, one lucky gay guy got to kiss a freaking Golden Girl. Yes, I might be a little jealous.